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Easy Recipes, Etc.

Easy Recipes, Etc. is a simple blog with a simple message. Here you'll find easy food recipes, as well as recipes to make your everyday life easier, inside and outside the kitchen.

In essence, Easy Recipes, Etc. is a fun list of tips and tricks to simplify your life!

You guys asked me to go a small step ahead, and sell what I thought would be a great addition to your kitchen and - overall - your life. And this is, 5 years later, the store you asked for. Thank you for asking!


Marjorie Marina

The Blog

Hi, I'm Marjorie, and Easy Recipes, Etc. is my blog & my online store.

Why should you listen to me? Great question! Follow me on this short list of possible reasons... to then be the judge.

Let's see. For starters, if you raise three daughters in two different Continents, having to balance it with your profession and an Italian husband... you get to simplify everything, or you won't survive! ;)

Passion is another reason. For me, simplifying my cooking was a necessity, and it has been my reality for the last 25 years. Now, try to tweak and twist your favorite recipes for that long, and I assure you'll end up with something cool in your hands, right? It became my passion, the one thing I really love to do!

The decision to publish this blog came when many friends wanted this and that recipe, instructions on how to make variations, etc. To avoid repeating over and over the same things, I decided to once again simplify the procedure. It was time to post them online. And "" wasn't a hard name for my friends to remember.


The Store

I won't call it just the "etc", since the "etc" means a few more things than just a store. The "etc" is a follow up on a promise to include other everyday simple tricks to make your life - not just the recipes - easy.

The store starts with only ONE product:

  • It's something I like, enjoy in my everyday life;
  • it's well-made;
  • and price is fairly low.

In essence, it's an honest product that delivers on promises. And it has a huge fan-base, with almost perfect-score reviews. We tested on the background with some of you guys. You liked it.

This will be for ALL our future products. And BTW, here's how I'll do business here:

  • FREE SHIPPING worldwide. Insurance and Tracking Number is on me, and all products ship with them - no exceptions. I don't sell to all countries for many reasons, I hope you understand;
  • You don't like the product? Your money back, no questions asked. You have 30 days after receiving the product to send it back. I want you as a friend, not as an unhappy customer. You'll eventually find something you like here in the future;
  • The store is hosted by Shopify, the safest e-commerce platform on earth. We don't deal with your payment information - they do. So relax, it's a safe ride!

Simple as that!

That said, if you read so far you're ready to honor me with your subscription to the Newsletter. It's free, and include recipes, tips and - now - cool products' suggestions. Enjoy!